Motorcycle Towing: All motorcycle towing is done in an enclosed trailer specifically designed for motorcycles, trikes and scooters. Our trailer can also handle your sidecar or motorcycle trailer. Up to 5 two wheeled vehicles can be moved at one time. Emergency motorcycle towing and scheduled services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For your motorcycle towing needs, we go to where you ride in the Southern Washington and Northern Oregon area. While the Portland Oregon/ Vancouver area is home, we will go to where you ride.

Roadside Assistance: TMMR will do gas delivery, and jump-start services for motorcycles, scooters, and trikes. We also do limited roadside assistance for cars and trucks including gas delivery, air, lock out and jump-start services.

Crash Recovery: Due the training and experience that we have, TMMR has developed ways to safely move and tow your motorcycle when it can not roll on its own. We have connections to work with other recovery companies if a motorcycle is to far from the road for us to recover with our equipment. These connections allow us to still provide the best care and recovery of your motorcycle to prevent any further damage.

RV/Trailer Moving: Please call for information.

Rally Support: Thunder Mountain Motorcycle Rescue is also available to provide parade run support in the local area. Highly visible caution lighting on both truck and trailer, plus a large "MOTORCYCLES AHEAD" banner, alert motorists that a group of motorcyclists is traveling together.

Don't Drink and Drive: Your license is the least you can lose. Call Thunder Mountain Motorcycle Rescue before hitting the road after the rally or after a night out with friends.We have teamed up with Motor Whiskey to reward your respondabilty by providing you with a discounted rate home and a free bottle of Motor Whiskey