Because We Have a Better Way...Enclosed motorcycle towing for Portland OR.


Thunder Mountain Motorcycle Rescue (TMMR) is a different, innovative motorcycle towing company serving the Vancouver Washington and the Portland Oregon areas. Using only an enclosed trailer,so there is never a need to request  an enclosed trailer  TMMR will safely provide you with motorcycle towing for your motorcycle, trike or scooter.

If you need emergency motorcycle towing, transportation to a show or rally, or just a hassle-free move to or from the shop for service, TMMR can help. Enclosed motorcycle towing protects your investment from the elements and road debris in a way that conventional tow companies may not be able to do or charge a premum to do.

Thunder Mountain Motorcycle Rescue is available by cell phone 24/7, if you can not reach us via phone; try a text they sometimes go through when service is minimal. TMMR will go to where you ride, as your motorcycle towing  back to the Portland OR, Vancouver WA area. TMMR can also tow your motocycle  from the Portland metro area  to wherever you need to go. All members of the TMMR motocycle towing team, understands that a rider stranded on the highway is a rider in possible danger. All available means will be used to provide emergency motorcycle towing or roadside assistance in a timely manner.

Our TMMR staff has the proven motorcycle towing experience and training that has allowed them to gain the approval of the motorcycle community and motorcycle shops. We work with most motorcycle towing  insurance companies either through direct dispatch useing  their 800 roadside assistance program or by you submitting a bill back to them for reimbursement. You can request us as your motorcycle towing service when you call your roadside assistance company.

By making your motorcycle our priority, you can feel confident that we will treat your motorcycle, trike or scooter as we want our own treated.